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Novelist and speaker Jennifer Slattery, also writing as Jen Pheobus, uses humor, grace, and truth to inspire God's children to live abundant, Christ-centered lives. She does content editing for Firefly, a southern fiction imprint with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and is a regular contributor to; Internet Cafe Devotions; Faith, Friends and Chocolate; and manages the social media for Takin’ it to the Streets, a ministry that serves Omaha’s working poor and homeless. She’s placed in numerous writing contests and her work has appeared in numerous compilations, magazines, and e-zines.

Lost in the Digital Age

I was lost on a long, unending road somewhere between Bossier City, Louisiana and Hot Springs, Arkansas. My atlas was falling apart, plus it was hard to read while driving, my gas gauge had already passed E, and my pre-paid … Continue reading

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You Can Stop Wondering

As a reader, do you ever wonder if the hilarious antics you’ve just read about actually happened? Well, I’m here to say yes! While there’s definitely some imagination that goes into those scenes, there’s no doubt that a writer’s life … Continue reading

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Are You Emily Dickinson? (And a Giveaway!)

Who wouldn’t swoon over a man who invented over 1,700 words? Seriously–1,700. Do a fact check on that one. When I was in high school, I had a strange obsession with Shakespeare. I knew he was completely messed up in … Continue reading

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Cats vs. Dogs

If I had to choose … I’d get a fish. They’re relatively easy to care for, don’t die when you forget about them for a few days, and won’t make my nose tickle. Though I wouldn’t mind a hedgehog … … Continue reading

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Acronyms and Other Weird Language

Wouldn’t it be fun to invent your own language? Can you imagine all the drama you could avoid? What better way to avoid conflict. Husband: Did you really back out of the garage … with the door still down? Me: … Continue reading

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Marketing Blunders

Comparing someone’s son to a fictional serial killer might not be the best way to gain a sale, but it certainly makes for an interesting story. Today my guest James Callan shares his less than effective sales tactics, because well, … Continue reading

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The Joys and Pains of Research Trips

Whatever doesn’t kill you … will likely humiliate, challenge and confound you, and eventually, if your’e a writer, end up in a story. I start every research trip with grand ideas, usually triggered by my rather explosive imagination: I’ll visit … Continue reading

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