Summer or Winter? (Giveaway Alert!)

girl-15715_1920My husband and I have a battle going on over who has control of the thermostat. Add to this the fact that my body has its own heat-vs-cold war going on, and you’ll understand why I alternate between my electric heating pad and sticking my head in the freezer. This phenomena is exemplified when I eat. Or get hungry. My dad calls it my superpower. (Read about that HERE.)

Then there’s the whole season-confusion thing of living in Nebraska, where one can experience all four seasons in one day. Just when I’ve put all my sweaters away, an ice storm hits.

Today author  Candee Fick talks about the weather confusion she feels as she writes. And be sure to read through to the end, because she has a giveaway for her newest release, Dance Over Me!

What’s the Weather Like Anyway?
by Candee Fick

I spend a lot of time in an alternate universe. Case in point? Just this morning, I dodged the splatters of sizzling bacon while inhaling the cinnamon-roll-1591974_1280aroma of gooey cinnamon rolls wafting from the oven. A few minutes later, I walked through the door to hear my kids complaining about only getting granola bars or yogurt for breakfast.

My poor deprived children. They sacrifice a lot by living with a writer since I’ll be the first to admit that my characters do lots of things that I never do. Like bake fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning…or any time in the last decade for that matter. But before you start feeling sorry for my neglected husband and offspring, they’ve got clean underwear, nutritious-even-if-boring meals, and a semi-regularly sanitized house. And my undivided attention when they’re around. Usually.

The one you really need to feel sorry for is me. Yes, me. The author who can’t remember that fictional people aren’t real. That the Front Range University Cougars aren’t really going to a football bowl game. poses-1367416_1920That the dinner theater performing my favorite show is currently situated underneath a fast food restaurant. That today isn’t actually a Monday in early January but rather a Wednesday in late September.

Which brings me to the weather. How on earth am I supposed to remember the forecast when I spend so much time somewhere else? That’s why you’ll often see me in flip-flop sandals with a cardigan draped around my shoulders because I have no clue how I should be dressed at any given moment. (Yet another reason you could potentially feel sorry for my kids who head to school either over-insulated or shivering without a jacket.)

One minute I’m cleaning dead plants out of a flowerbed and stuffing the brown stalks into the trash bag beside me on the leaf-strewn yellow grass. All while dreading the next task of raking those leaves into bags of their own. A brisk wind holds the promise of snow as my eyes began to leak tears, my nose begins to run, and I survive with distracting thoughts of hot apple cider. An hour later, with a stretch of tight muscles, I move toward the front door…and outside to find tiny green buds beginning to open on the tree branches above a sea of yellow daffodils and hot pink tulips.

Or the afternoon I felt the crisp wintry wind on my face as I raced down a sledding hill and crashed into an icy drift…only to don shorts and a tank top in order to watch a child play baseball in the sweltering July sun.

As I said, I spend a lot of time in an alternate universe and while I’m there, I’m totally there with all of my senses living and breathing the setting. It’s why I can write about touring a Hawaiian pineapple plantation with the Rocky Mountains just a few miles away. Or why I can write about a sunny summer picnic with sweat trickling down my spine and the sweet tang of pink lemonade on my tongue while a torrent of rain and hail beats against my window.

But spending time there can be dangerous to my physical well-being if I can’t make the mental shift back to the real world. Otherwise I could be the only mom showing up at Friday night’s football game wearing shorts and wishing I had more than a light jacket stashed in the trunk of my car.

What about you? Have you ever struggled to transition from a fictional world to real life? What’s the weather like in the book you’re reading as compared to outside your window? Chime in and be entered to win a free copy (winner’s choice of print or e-book) of my newest release, Dance Over Me.

Buy Dance Over Me on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

danceoverme-500x750-1Danielle Lefontaine, a fledgling actress raised to the lullaby of Broadway, searches for her long-lost brother and her place on the stage. But when a jealous cast member threatens to drop the curtain on her dreams, Danielle fears her one brilliant moment in the spotlight is about to become a dim memory.

Alex Sheridan is living his dream. Playing the trumpet. Helping run his family s dinner theater. But there s a hole in his soul that can only be filled with the love of that “someone special” — the better half of him. When “Dani” dances into his life, Alex thinks he s found his perfect partner. But will the bright lights of a bigger stage steal her away before they find their perfect song?



candee-fick_headshotCandee Fick is the wife of a high school football coach and the mother of three children, including a daughter with a rare genetic syndrome. When not busy with her day job or writing, she can be found cheering on the home team at football, basketball, baseball, and Special Olympics games. In what little free time remains, she enjoys exploring the great Colorado outdoors, indulging in dark chocolate, and savoring happily-ever-after endings through a good book.

Connect with Candee on her web site, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Google+.


About Jennifer Slattery

Novelist and speaker Jennifer Slattery, also writing as Jen Pheobus, uses humor, grace, and truth to inspire God's children to live abundant, Christ-centered lives. She does content editing for Firefly, a southern fiction imprint with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and is a regular contributor to; Internet Cafe Devotions; Faith, Friends and Chocolate; and manages the social media for Takin’ it to the Streets, a ministry that serves Omaha’s working poor and homeless. She’s placed in numerous writing contests and her work has appeared in numerous compilations, magazines, and e-zines.
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3 Responses to Summer or Winter? (Giveaway Alert!)

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  2. Vicky D says:

    The sun is shining but it feels really cold. It is in the mid 60’s and I have my electric blanket on!


    • I love fall! It’s the same here in Nebraska. My house has been pretty warm as we have a lot of windows, so yesterday I went for a walk in a t-shirt and shorts, and I was chilly! 🙂 But it beats 100 degree temps! What state do you live in?


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