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The What If Game

My mind can bounce in a thousand directions, working every scenario a hundred ways, resulting in humorous and often irrational situations. Inside my head, there is never a dull … nor quiet … moment. What if our pilot falls asleep, there’s … Continue reading

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Speed Dating for Writers and Other Self-Induced Tortures

Go connect with other writers, they said. It will be fun, they said. Six years ago, midway through my first national conference, I could’ve strung whoever nudged me in that direction up by his toes, except that I love him. And … Continue reading

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Married to a Writer–When Patience Abounds

He saw the writer in me long before I did, maybe because every conversation took a rapid turn from reality to imaginings of what could be or should be or, in an alternate universe, might be. Or maybe because I … Continue reading

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The Road to Writing

Our life is like a divine roadmap with countless events and encounters pointing us toward our calling–that thing God created us to do. I believe we’ve all got one, and if we look back over our lives closely enough, we’ll see God’s … Continue reading

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