Introducing My Alter Ego

You knew writers were quirky, right?

Jen Pheobus and Kelly Klepfer, peeking through art at Nebraska City.

Jen Pheobus and Kelly Klepfer, peeking through art at Nebraska City.

How many normal people spend 90-95% of their time in a world of their own making?


Or find it completely legit to stalk people–their friends, neighbors, random strangers–with pen, notebook, and phone camera in hand?

Photo by imagerymajestic taken from

Photo by imagerymajestic taken from

Now, before you get too worried, please know it’s all in the name of research, along with all those strange, sometimes disconcerting things we’ve searched on the Internet.


Who in the world would come up with alter egos with blogs, Facebook pages, and profiles?

2016-06-01 20.42.09

Um … that would be me.

Hello, world, I’m Jen Pheobus, aka Jennifer Slattery, and this is my blog. Because my clone isn’t part of enough blogs already. Eh, hem. The blogosphere–a tool that gives everyone a voice, and as is the case with some of us, numerous voices.

Okay, enough chatter. Let me answer the questions I know all of you are asking (because question-423604_1280I’m smart like that. Or pretend to be). Why-oh-why would I choose to launch a pen name?

Because this girl wants to have fun! I’ve been writing serious novels for some time now, and I still will, on occasion–under my real name. But it’s time I lighten things up a bit! New name, new tone, new story.

You want to know what I’m working on? How about I give you the blurb?

Will the path Paige Cordell forges to leave Austin, Texas behind for good be the very one to make her stay?

Paige Cordell closed her wounded heart to her life in Texas to pursue her dream of becoming a nationally known journalist. Just as hard work and perseverance are starting to pay off, she’s forced back to Austin–right next door to Bryce Gilbertson’s grandmother and in proximity to the man she’s always hated. She plans to avoid him at all costs, until she needs him to reach the one goal that will allow her to leave Austin for good.

All his life, Bryce Gilbertson’s parents groomed him to join the family law firm until his frat boy behavior turned him into a college dropout. Now matured, he purchased a murder mystery dinner theater, which he plans to transform into a Wild West theme, an action is parents find irresponsible. He plans to prove them wrong, and he needs Paige’s help to do so.

Isn’t that fun?!

I’m really enjoying touring Austin (vicariously) with this adorable (and at times feisty) duo. I hope to be 10308339_10201978424837985_564345012420489328_ndone and have the manuscript to my agent by summer’s end. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the crazy, creative, slightly spastic writer’s mind. 😉

And now, my friends, we’ve come to point of this blog. Pop by here each Wednesday to get a glimpse into the writer’s world. Some days I or my guests will share quips from our perspective, other times you’re learn what life’s like for our poor husbands and children. (Believe me, they must endure a lot! Burned dinners, nonsensical conversations, bouts of moodiness, random photo booth encounters …)

I hope you’ll join me! And make sure to connect with me on Facebook! You can find me HERE and HERE. You can also catch me every third Monday on Christians Read. Read my first post, Guarding Our Words When Life Squeezes Us, HERE. Aaaaaaaaand, coming in July, a group of hilarious and equal parts talented and insane authors and I will be launching another blog titled Modern Day Mishaps. It is going. To. Be. Hilarious. Promise!

All right, you’re turn! If you could create an alter ego, who would you be?


About Jennifer Slattery

Novelist and speaker Jennifer Slattery, also writing as Jen Pheobus, uses humor, grace, and truth to inspire God's children to live abundant, Christ-centered lives. She does content editing for Firefly, a southern fiction imprint with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and is a regular contributor to; Internet Cafe Devotions; Faith, Friends and Chocolate; and manages the social media for Takin’ it to the Streets, a ministry that serves Omaha’s working poor and homeless. She’s placed in numerous writing contests and her work has appeared in numerous compilations, magazines, and e-zines.
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