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In the Sights of an Author

Have you ever read a story and thought, “Man, that is so me”? The answer–um, you may be more right than you realize, especially if you happen to have a writer for a friend. Or be in the near vicinity … Continue reading

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Being Married to a Writer (It’s a Crazy Life!)

  “You know, that’d be a great place to hide a dead body.” How would you expect most spouses to respond to a statement like that? With excitement? Enthusiasm? Suggestions of alternative locations along with ways to hide the evidence? … Continue reading

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An Adventure Writer? Me?

In many writers careers is the search for what to write. Romance? Women’s fiction? Fantasy? Suspense? Romantic Suspense? Or even…Adventure? Today Sandy invites us to join her in a few adventures that lead to her newest release. So you want to … Continue reading

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The Downside of Living in an Imaginary World

I didn’t mean to forget her, not the first time or the … um … tenth? Maybe twentieth. I could probably get a more exact number looking back on past budgets. But before you determine I’m the worst parent on … Continue reading

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Introducing My Alter Ego

You knew writers were quirky, right? How many normal people spend 90-95% of their time in a world of their own making? Or find it completely legit to stalk people–their friends, neighbors, random strangers–with pen, notebook, and phone camera in hand? … Continue reading

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